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Dubai, UAE

Mr. Aqeel was the principal architect for a development of 12 townhouses in the heart of Mirdif, a trendy residential neighborhood. The zoning regulations allowed a maximum of 12 townhouses, a plot coverage of 40% and a FAR of 1.2. Two rows of six houses were placed across from each other on the north and south edges of this rectangular site, in a way that maximizes the use of the allowable footprint.

The ground level of the site was maximized for landscaping to add value to the project. A public landscape park was placed in the center of the site along with the main pedestrian entry to the site. The villas are accessed through this park. Each townhouse also has a front garden facing the park and a spacious private back garden, adding significant rental value to the project.

The cars are brought down to the basement via a vehicular access on the northeast corner of the site. The vehicles then park into a private double car garage in the basement of each individual townhouse.

*Architects: Centimetre Cube, Dubai

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