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Dubai, UAE

Mr. Aqeel was the principal architect for this development of J6 high-end detached residential villa complex in Dubai. The composition of the house consists of four volumes juxtaposition in overlapping geometries. The first one is a transparent (glass) volume contains the public spaces while visually connecting the indoors to the outdoors. The volume overlaps with a concrete shell containing the services and carved out cave like refuges that form the entrances to the house.

The two volumes are partially covered on top with a third projecting solid volume containing the private spaces. The cantilever of this volume though necessitated by the need for more space in the bedrooms, shades the glass volume while creating a transition from the darker interior to the harsh and bright outdoors of the desert sun. A fourth cladded aluminum volume projects out of the solid volume forming a terrace for the master bedroom while acting as a canopy for a car display platform (garage) below. The car display platform brings the car into the garden making it an item of display like a sculpture.

*Architects: Centimetre Cube, Dubai

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